Friday, March 26, 2010

PropDropper Update

Prop dropper prototype is pretty much complete and working perfectly, the only difference between this and the final version will be the props themselves (at the moment, using basic placeholders).
The prop dropper and it's settings are shown in the image below:

Scale: Changing the scale of the dropper will change the area in which the props it spawns will drop, please note, the Z scale causes no change.
UseGridRandom: Choose to use a grid random algorithm or stick with full random.
PropsMin/Max: Min/max amount of props to spawn (will choose a random number between these) please note, the screenshot has the numbers put in the wrong way around
SpawnableProps: A list of props that this dropper can spawn, each has the same percent chance to spawn, but if you for instance add 2 of the same prop, it will have double the chance to spawn. This list is mainly so you don't have rocks where rocks shouldn't be, bushes on top of stone, etc. Props can be added and removed from the list as pleased.

And in action with the settings chosen:

The actual props will be rigid bodies and therefore affected by gravity, thus they would not be floating at their original spawn point. It is wise to place the prop dropper close to the surface of the map.