Thursday, May 27, 2010

UDK - The Beginning

Well after today's presentation, the thing that was most significant to me was that the panel wanted shadows in our map, although I rather like our non shadow/simple lighting I feel we should at least try to get good looking shadows into the map to add that extra level of depth which they wanted. It seems UT3's lighting is pretty crap so UDK is the answer. Here are some screenshots with the default UDK lighting. Notice the crisp shadows of the dynamic objects as well as the global illumination ie: each object reflects its own light onto its surrounding objects.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Melee? MELEE? You can't handle the melee!

That's right, Melee weapons are complete, only in need of a mesh now, which is why I do not have screenshots to show. The base melee weapon can have customisable:

  • attack speed (measured in attacktime in seconds)
  • damage
  • mesh/animation
  • right click ability
  • range
  • force applied to props
  • force applied to pawns
  • attack effect (blood, sparks, etc)
The melee weapon is working perfectly upon props and capture points (untested on pawns but it's the same thing really). This being said, the base melee weapon is now complete, with the exception of the art-work.

Finally the characters are in..... Take 2

I know, I know. Yes I said that the characters were in a while ago and they were...... IF you were the server. After rewriting UT's respawning functions and adding a few of my own, as well as 10 new classes (programming classes that is), I now have all characters spawning with their correct mesh and textures (for those that have them). I have it set up so that when a mesh is made for the rest of the classes they can be added with just 5 lines of code. So simple an artist could do it..... maybe.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally the characters are in.

After a mild blame game, and hours of frustration and seemingly perfect code, I have managed to assosiate a character mesh with its particular class. It looks like they're levitating and I think the mesh might be too small but the first is an artists issue (IMHO because it uses unrealEd) and the latter requires a going over by the group before I code that in (it's half a line of code). I believe this earns me the title "King of UT3 character importation". And who says programmers have a god complex anyway?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


its like an Oscar from the Gremlins movie

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'd capture this point ;)

Alright so he's the deal: The barrel you are looking at - IT'S A CAPTURE POINT!
What's that? It's perfectly lit? It's perfectly shaded (excluding post processing)? It's got nice shadows? How can that be, it's a capture point?
Well listen up, as from today onwards, capture points shall no longer be oppressed from lighting!
Oh what's that I'm shooting it with? Is that a sniper rifle? But ... but ... I thought you could only attack it with a linkgun altfire? NOT ANYMORE BITCH! From now on, you can slice and dice the capture points with any weapon you like!