Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Build Videos

Level and Character (This is very fast for the first part and is intended to be paused as its part of a presentation)

Bungle in the Jungle - Map and Character from Ben Goodvach-Draffin on Vimeo.

Weapons -

Bungle in the Jungle - Weapons from Ben Goodvach-Draffin on Vimeo.

Gameplay -

Bungle in the Jungle - Gameplay from Ben Goodvach-Draffin on Vimeo.

Irrelevant Modding:

The team consited of 5 students from RMIT University. The project was conducted over 24 weeks.

Andy Hatzistamatis - Lead Programmer
Nick Kamphuis - Programmer
Anthony Borell - Lead Level Designer, Lead Character and Environment Artist.
Will Owen - 2d/3d Artist. - Joined half way through project.
Ben Goodvach-Draffin - Lead Designer, character texturing, soundFX and production.



Canoneer: Your traditional and much loved pirate, rough, crude and
violent. He is based off the likes of Jack Sparrow and, well, every other
pirate in popular culture.

Primary: Blunderbuss
Auxiliary: Cannon
Melee: Sword

Monk: There is a rather popular reference to the current pope and
his likeness to the Emperor from Start Wars. Enter the priest, apathetic, cold
and very unpriestly. His main weapon is a repeating crossbow (stolen from the
Chinese) .

Primary: Crossbow
Melee: Big Bible
Auxiliary: Chant Heal

Inquisitor: The Spanish Inquisitor is based off Monty Pythons sketch. He
is larger than life, passionate and generally just wrong. The Inquisitor spawns as a
random object from the environment such as a boulder, barrel, small tree, comfy chair. He may then
move around the level in this disguise, when he chooses the optimal moment he
may burst out with a puff of smoke and screams his line “Nobody expects the
Spanish Inquisition”.

Primary: Pistols
Melee: Torch

Powder Monkey: A young boy who’s job was traditionally to carry gunpowder to the cannon crew aboard a war ship. This particular unit has watched a few too many battles and has obtained a certain blood lust. Based off Warner Brothers’ Yosemite Sam and the helicopter gunner from Full Metal Jacket, he is excessively violent and excitable.

Primary: Gunpowder Grenade
Auxiliary: RMB with grenade plants it as a mine
Auxiliary 2: Supplies Canoneer with powder
Melee: Gunpowder Canister

Sharpshooter: The sharpshooter is actually a Frenchman recruited by the Spanish. Based off the French in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. He is obnoxious, uncouth and just plain rude.

Primary: Sniper Rifle
Melee: Grappling Hook


Catapulter: A gentle giant whom has been unwillingly pressed into the
military. The Catapulter is a very remorseful lad who although will carry out
his duty, is really quite sorry for the damage he causes. He has a catapult
mounted on his back which he can use to lob around certain items scattered
around the level.

Primary: Shoulder mounted catapult
Melee: Big rock

Birdman: An Aztec lad who has a slight obsession with becoming air
born. Based somewhat off the actor Jack Black the Birdman is a bit of an
unknown comedian. Somewhat hindering his ability to make flight like a bird is
an unfortunate weight problem, the best he can manage is a short glide from
high places, still this has its uses.

Primary: Spear Throw
Auxiliary: Flight
Melee: Spear Melee

Witch Doctor: The local Shaman is all knowing and wise. Inspiration is a
mix from Bob Marley to the general crazy man that walks past you on the street.
He appears a little lost to everybody but as far as he’s concerned everything
is just fine.

Primary: Poison Frogs
Auxiliary: Healing Frogs
Melee: Sacrificial knife

Panther Warrior: Cool, calm and quick describes the Panther Warrior pretty
succinctly. He is the scout of the Aztec’s and has the speed and agility to
reflect as such. His attitude is similar to that of Terminator or Riddick. His
good, and he knows it.

Primary: Blow darts
Auxiliary: Pounce
Melee: Panther Paws

Warrior: Yet another Monty Python representative, enter the black
knight. He is immune to pain and devoid of reasoning. He is a lean mean killing
machine, and will use your skull as a goblet.

Primary: Bow
Auxiliary: Shield
Melee: Club

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Overview map for the loading screen. Hopefully it will give players a general idea of the map's layout and inform them of what the objectives are. I took a stab based on roughly where Ben told me the new Aztec spawn is.

Map Sketch Idea

So here's a rough sketch for a map. I thought the side on view might help illustrate the game objectives a little bit. I'm not sure what you guys'll think though.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The animation problem SOLVED! (Finally)

Ok, so I've worked out what I think is a solution to the animation problems we've been having with the projectile weapons this week.

The problem was caused because UDK doesn't accept any translation information for joints. Animations are created with only rotations. It didn't come up with the melee weapons because that all happened with rotation.

So anyway here's some quick instructions on how to rig objects so they can move freely without having to worry about the rotations.

The rig is probably fairly obvious when you look at it, but I'll explain it anyway.
Basically it creates an arm which allows for free movement of the object.

The picture is of the rig I used to work out how I'd be moving the arrow freely in the bow's firing animation. But the basic principal should work fine for any other weapon with minor tweaking.

Joint 1 is the root of the skeleton, it doesn't move. This would be parented to the Spine bone of the arm skeleton in the final rig. It's important to create this separately from the spine because the IK would affect the rest of the rig otherwise.

Joint 2 and 3 act as the arm's elbows, and Joint 4 acts as the bone controlling the weapon. In my rig the cylinder is 100% weighted to Joint 4.

The two IK handles run between Joints 1 & 3 and Joints 2 & 4. The ends of the IK handles at 3 and 4 are both joined to the controller via Constraints>Parent. It's important to parent the IK and NOT the joint because otherwise the joint will not rotate when the controller is moved.

Setting it up this way, the two IK handles counteract each other and keep the bone between 3 and 4 level as you move around the controller. Rotating the controller rotates the arrow. In my rig it's set up so that the arrow always points at the controller, but putting it in the middle would cause it to rotate around from that point.

This way you can move the arrow (Or whatever) completely independently of the rest of the rig. When it goes behind the character the arm might go crazy, but since it's not visible it won't matter.

Hopefully that makes sense to you all.

Basically to TL;DR it for you:
  • Only rotation values work on joints in UDK, not translation.
  • Bones won't stretch at all.
  • Use IK and Controllers to make the joints rotate without having to key all the rotations manually.
  • To rotate properly use constrain>parent on the IK handle, NOT the joint. It will look fine in Maya but won't export.
  • Will is very, very tired.