Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birdman Development

Just did the head this morning, used the heavy as a reference, but once the bird helm is on, they will have no similarities. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Hey dude,

    It's a nice start. Theres a few things i'm going pick you up on before you get too far into it though.

    1. Reallllly low poly count. We're using ut3, you can easily hit 10k tris without any difficulty and we gain nothing by have a low count, might as well use them. You have some some pretty sharp (as in angular) sections there like the calves/forearms and ends of the fingers and toes.

    2. Some wacky stuff going on with the chin, probably just needs more tris, also i think the forehead is too big (unless you're going for the massive chin look..)

    3. Doesn't really look like a fat guy, looks like an atheletic guy with a slightly bigger mid section. Some more weight on the arms and thighs?, maybe a little shorter? he's easily more than 8 heads high.

    Awesome job otherwise, realllly looks like the heavy :P

    Oh and if you're going to stylise go nuts, but make sure you keep the theme on the other 2 characters so they keep a general look.