Friday, February 5, 2010

Aztec Control Point Test

Each teams control point should be unique. The Spanish could have supplies. eg: sacks of grain, barrels, cannon + balls, crates, etc. For the Aztec's I'm thinking some kind of shrine/statue/idol.

Here is a test control point for the Aztec's, its not finished yet, it needs to become more identifiable, maybe add some colour/markings.

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1 comment:

  1. Looks good dude, but 3 things

    1. It's too square, the texture and normal map make it all cracked but the silhoette is a perfect box, bevel the edges to help the normal map apply better and break up the outline.
    2. Our game textures are going to be tooned, that totem probably has too much detail, maybe just a single crack or 2, the weathering probably won't be needed/it may do some strange shit to the shader.
    3. since its a capture point it'll need to be an area clearly defined where the players can capture. Such as the red or blue circles in team fortress. Maybe make a plinth/stage/raised area or something with these on the corners, but you can't just have a single pylon and expect people to know where to stand.

    Other than that its really good, you zbrush it? or is it a high poly