Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stuck Projectiles

As seen with arrows, some projectiles can get stuck into walls. This has been generalised and duplicated to now include: Thrown Spears (Birdman spear rightclick), Crossbow Bolts (Priest), Bow (warrior, original). In addition to this, projectiles that are stuck in walls can now be destroyed by any damage (including friendly damage and AoE damage, yes a bomb will destroy a wall-full of arrows). Catapult creation has been started. The plan is the catapulter will be able to rightclick (when he has the catapult weapon equipped) to pick up items. These items include any BJProp, BJPawn_Birdman and any BJPawn_Inquisitor that is currently disguised. The item is then a part of the catapultern and can be shot out via catapult left click. To avoid abuse, if an inquisitor or birdman is used, the catapult will automatically fire after 5 seconds if not manually chosen to fire earlier. The birdman will only be able to be picked up if he chooses to (as to how he chooses, to be decided).

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